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Old 09-23-2009, 04:00 PM
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Default Me, My Brother And My Siters - Family Incest Story

Hello,I'm naveed. I'm 27 years old. This is the story of how me, my brother and my sister got into incest. This is a bisexual story so if you guys are offended by it. You should leave now.We are a family of four siblings. 2 borthers 2 sisters. Naveed, Bilal, Sana and Hina. Sana is the eldest then me, then bilal and then hina. I started when i was 18. I was too much of a porn freak and always wanted to watch porn and jack off. I used to watch magazines. even a girl in a bikini was enough for me to jack off. One day i got a CD from a friend. I came home and PC wasbeing used as usuall. I cursed my life for having so many siblings as to never get any privacy. I hid that CD in my school bag and waited for the night. At nigh when everyone was asleep i went to the studay room and started watching the movie. It was the usual a group of people fucking and sucking each other. I had no preference. I got my 6.5 inches dick out of my shorts and started strocking it. All of a sudden Bilal who was 16 back then entered the room. i was so busy jacking off and watching movie that i didn't even notcie him until he yelled " Bhai ye kia ho raha hai". I almost died in fear and tried to hide my dick in the shorts. He was smiling at me. "So you do this too. I thought i was the only one" He said. I was way too confused but i saw that he was kool with it so i embarracely simled and said" Yaar sabhi kartey hain. It's natural". He asked me where did i got this movie as at that time it was quite hard to find this kind of stuff espacially in our area. I said" Yaar naeem se li hai" Naeem was a friend of mine. "Ok let's watch". We watched the whole movie together but couldn't jack off as my brother was still there. And then we moved to our bed rooms for sleep. We decided that whenever eny of us finds a movie we'll watch it together. This arrangement was working better for us as we had better cover when both of us were watching and our sisters weren't that familiar with computers. The only problme was that we cannot jack off in front of each other. After a few weeks we watched a CD in which bisexual scenes were there. Where a guy was sucking another man. It felt weird as well as arousing a little bit. Bilal asked me "Bhai is main kiaa mazaa aata hain In Logon ko Jab larkian mojod hai to larkey aik doosrey ko kiyun chod rahey hai(Why the hell are they fucking each other when girls are there" .....I said "pata nahin yaar. I told him i know many gay guys from school who used to fuck each other. As the movie progresses we started like this male-male-femal thing. I saw Bilal he was rubbing his cock over his shorts. I too felt an urge to do mine. So i took a little courage and started jerking off mine quite visibly. Bilal saw that and looked the other way. he didn't say anything. So i kept doing it. he felt a little encourage too so he started jacking offf as well and soon we were both beating our meats quite hard and we both came soon in our shorts. Didn't say anything to each other. I turned off the CD and we went to sleep. Things kept progressing and jacking off became a habit. I also started liking that bisexual stuff too but those CDs were very rare and we were only able to find a few of those. One day we got a CD from a friend which was purely gay porn. all men no women. Were were watching a scene where two cute young guys were sharing a dildo in their asses. I was very horny so while jacking off i took my penis out of the shorts and strart stroking it. Bilal was shocked all of a sudden. He said "Bhai what the hell" i said come on yaar i can't keep wetting all my shorts every night. We both know that we do it. It's been a while now. Go ahead take out yours as well. Fisrt he hesitated and then he took his one out as well. Now all of a sudden the focus shifted from monitor screen to our penises. Bilal's was almot 6 inches while mine was six and a half. His was a little purplish while mine was more of red~black. Bilal said "bhai why are our dicks smaller than thos guys" I said it's quite a normal size. Those guys in pornos are all pro and only thos get the movies who have huges dicks. Just like all heroes in normal movies are strong and build up bodies. You don't see a normal guy being hero in a movie"So we kept jacking off and were more turned on by seeing another dick in the vicinity. As i was about to come i removed my shorts completely. We usually sleep just wearing shorts. So i grunted and cum started to jump off from my penis and strarted to land on my chest and my stomach. Seeing this bilal came too. After cumming we both cleaned our self with tissues and then went to the bath room to clean up. from that day it became a habit of ours. We both shared a room so we used to get naked watch prono movies together jack off and then go to sleep. One night while we were watching and jacking off , electricity went out. We were both disappointed. as bilal tried to get up in the dark, his hand suddenly touched my penis and a moan cam out out from my mouth. He said "sorry Bhai". I said it's Ok but i loved someone else's touch on my penis. Now we were both looking for a flash light in the dark and for our shorts as well. As i leaned towards the bed to pick up my short, bilal was already doing the same and my penis touched the back crack of his warm butt. It was like heaven and a sigh also came from his mouth but he didn't say anything and he didn't move. i guess watching a couple of gay porn movies was paying off. I felt the encouragement and hugged him from behind. My dick was in his but crack and from my right hand i held his penis and started to jack him off. He kept breathing heavily and protested for a second "Nahin Bahi aisay na karen" but i said shhhshhh come on it's oK. i started dry humping hime from behind and jacking him off at the same time. He was about to come and so was i .....More to come soon ........... tell me if you want to read more of it ..... eventuallu both ours sisters also joined this game .......

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Old 09-05-2011, 01:57 PM
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Default Ina Deter Neue Maenner Braucht Das Land

Ina Deter Neue Maenner Braucht Das Land

Artist: Ina Deter
Album: Neue Maenner Braucht Das Land
Album year: 1982
Album genre: Pop
Album bitrate: 192

  1. Neue Mdnner Braucht Das Land
  2. Bist Du Das Oder Was
  3. Die Ratten Sind Los
  4. Ob Blond Ob Braun Ob Henna
  5. Besessen Sein
  6. Ich Brauche Neben Dir Auch Mich
  7. Der Eislcffel
  8. Nur Liebe Und Sonst Gar Nichts
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