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Old 06-21-2010, 12:32 PM
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Hot Driver's Virgin Wife Seduced

Hello everyone. Its been a while since I posted a story. well, I usually like to post my own experiences. I am the eternal opportunist, always looking to seduce a girl and doing her, naturally, only with her absolute consent.

This happened in the 3rd week of Jan this year. My old driver had asked his nephew (Raja) from his hometown in UP to replace him while he was on his annual vacation for 2 months. Raja had a regular job and used to drive for a Honda City for transpoter in UP. But, 2 days before he had to join duty, he had got married and had agreed to the 2 month replacement job, as he wanted to 'honeymoon' in Mumbai with his just-married wife. Besides the money I was offering was almost double than what he earned in UP.

Raja and his newly married wife arrived at our house early on a Saturday morning and after a brief introduction by his uncle to take over, my regular driver left for the station. I noticed that Raja was about 24 - 26 years old and looked childish. His newly married wife wore a burka and a viel covered her face. When my wife asked her somehting she would either nod or shake her head. She was obviously brought up in an orthodox ****** family and seemed shy. I was told later by my wife that her name is Nasreen. She seemed to be about 5 ft tall and thin as a wisp. The only exposed part of her body which I got a glimpse of were her mehendi covered hands. Her skin was so white that it looked pale.

My driver had told me that Raja had been driving on the highway and in cities for over 7 years and was a good driver and that's why he was confortable leaving him with me. My wife and I had planned to go to our Panchgani hill-station house for 2 weeks on a vacation. I asked Raja to start loading the car with our luggage and his wife started helping my wife to get together our stuff and taking it to the car.

In an hour after their arrival we started out 4 - 5 hour drive from Mumbai to Panchgani. Raja and his wife were in the front seats while my wife and me sat behind. I noticed that though Raja was unfamiliar with the roads, he had good control of the car and adjusted quickly to my car and its controls. On the expressway he nudged the car to 140 kmph with my permission. My wife told Raja to tell his wife that she could get comfortable by removing her burka if she liked. Raja coaxed his wife, but, she wouldn't listen and kept both burka and head gear on.

We reached Panchgani without incident by 3 pm and opened out small villa and started making ourselves comfortable. we had a small out-house for the help and I showed Raja the place where he and his wife would stay. He seemed happy with the small, but, neat digs. After stashing their belongings. Both Raj and his wife came to the main house to us clean-up and get things started. My wife got Nasreen to help in the kitchen and I got Raja to help me take - off the cloth covers from the furniture and also to unpack everything.

I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and noticed that Nasreen was washing some utensils and she had taken off her head gear and had lifted her burka so that her face and forearms could be seen. It was a huge surprise. I had somewhere in my mind imagined that she would look like a plain-faced small town / village girl. However, I was completely wrong. Nasreen's face was simply put - Angelic. She had a white translucent skin, a straight-small and sharp nose with a small gold nose-ring, her lips were light pink, she had big round almond shaped light eyes (I couldn't figure out the colour). She was not pretty, she was just beautiful. I saw all this in about 3-4 seconds. As soon as she saw me in the kitchen, she hurriedly pulled her head gear over her face. My wife and I smiled at each other seeing her struggle. My wife mildly scolded her saying that she was not in her village or infront of her father-in-law. It was ok for her remove her brka otherwise she would find it tough to work. As I left the kitchen, Raja came in and spoke to her.

An hour later, my wife got a call on her cell from her mother. Apparently, her mother's younger sister had slipped in the bathroom and had injured herself badly. Somehow she had managed to crack 3 ribs, fractured her elbow and was thorowing up blood. She had been very close to my wife and had been asking for her. My MIL wanted my wife to come immediately to the hospital as it looked pretty serious. We discussed and it was decided that Raja would drive my wife to mumbai immediately, even tough it was almost 7 pm.

Raja had taken Nasreen to the out house. Probably to placate her as she must have shown her discomfort. My wife also went and explained to her that they would be back the next day. I too joined them and told Raja in front of Nasreen that in case she doesn't want to work in the house till he came back, she can stay in the out house food etc can be ordered from the market. After almost 30 minutes of discussiong, convincing and a bit of crying, Nasreen finally agreed and my wife and Raja left.

As soon as Nasreen saw the car leaving she went to the outhouse and closed the door. I went into the villa and poured myself a stiff vodka-tonic. I called one of the local restraunts who knew us and ordered 2 thalis for home delivery and pack of chocolate ice cream.

I then started to dream about Nasreen. Her face was haunting me. Her virginal lips were Her skin was maddeningly alluring. What I wouldn't give to touch her, kiss her, feel her, hold her. While me mind was telling me 'Gosh you're mad, she's just got married a day back', my dick was yelling out aloud saying 'Go for her....seduce her....Go for her'.

With these evil thoughts, I sipped my drink thinking of a plan to seduce Nasreen. I had not got a chance to check-out her figure as she was always covered with that black loose burka. However, the burka could not completely hide her tits. I had noticed that when she stood straight there was a slight protrusion which meant she did have a nice pair of lovely boobs. God, how I wanted to see those milky – white tits !! I was going mad for sure. I started wondering if Raja had actually deflowered her…….She must surely be a virgin.

I finished by second vodka and changed into a pair of my briefest shorts and a T-shirt. I purposely wore the shorts as they barely covered my dick and balls when I sat down. If I got an erection, my dick would surely pop out. I then made a cocktail of orange juice, with about 120 ml of vodka topped with a sugar and some mint leaves and ice. I also, took out a strip of my wife’s sleeping pills and crushed 2 pills finely into a powder and mixed it into the vodka cocktail.

Then I took the cocktail to the outhouse and knocked on the door, calling her name. She opened the door. She was still wearing the burka and the face cover and was looking down waiting for me to say something. So I told her that memsahib has said that you must be tired and thirsty and had asked me to bring you some orange juice. She took the glass from my hand and was about to close the door. I told her to wait and said that I had ordered 2 thalis for dinner from the hotel and that after she finishes her juice she can come to the kitchen and lay my food and eat dinner herself. She just nodded. I left.

Now on my 3rd vodka, just thinking about her, I was getting a hard-on. I was restless and couldn’t help taking a peek from the window at the outhouse. When was she going to come, I wondered impatiently. Then I heard a 2-wheeler coming up to the gate. I took out some money form my wallet and went out to take the dinner parcel and the ice cream.

I kept the several paper bags which contained the 2 thalis on the kitchen table and shoved the ice cream in the fridge. It had been almost 30 minutes since I had given Nasreen the cocktail. Had she drunk it or thrown it?? I went to the window again to see if the outhouse light was on. Just then, as if on cue, she opened the door and came out. She still wore the entire black cover and the empty glass was in her hand. I noticed that she was having trouble closing the outhouse door. I watched discreetly as she managed to close the door and then noticed a slight wobble in her walk as she walked up to the main house. I picked up a magazine and sat down on a sofa with my legs up, partially showing my exposed balls and thighs and legs, which would be in full view as Nasreen would enter the house. Since I was pretending to read the magazine, I had held it up in a manner so that she would not be able to see my face nor me hers. I was looking from below the magazine to see her movements when she came in. I saw that as she came through the door, she leaned on the doorway with her free hand trying to steady herself. I was sure now that she had drunk the entire cocktail which was quite potent. Not being used to alcohol, it must have hit her quickly. Nasreen was definitely intoxicated. I saw the lower part of her body hesitate for about 30 seconds at the dooray and then moving towards the kitchen. She probably must have been shocked to see me in my shorts with my legs, thighs and balls exposed. Then I heard the kitchen tap being opened and the sound of water flowing. I got up and went to the kitchen entrance and peered inside.

Nasreen was stading at the kitchen sink. She had pulled up her face cover and was splashing water on her lovely face. She noticed that I was in the kitchen and looked at me for a second and then looked down. I wanted to break the ice firmly with her and told her in a firm and slightly stern tone in hindi.

See, Nasreen, you don’t have to weat that burka when you are in the house. You may burn or hurt yourself while working. Also, please open your mouth and speak when someone is talking to you, ok. She simply nodded her head and kept looking down. I asked her then that she looked pale and whether she was ok. She had put both her hands on the kitchen table and I could see that she was making an effort to keep standing. She was drunk. Her face was still wet, so I took out a napkin and went across and gave it to her. She took it and started wiping her face. God, she was petite and lovely. My dick was stirring and I knew that I would not be bale to control it. I knew that I had to be a bit bold. So I pulled out a chair from the table and caught her shoulder and told her firmly to sit down, saying that she looked tired. She shook her head in protest but with my hand pushing her shoulder down she sat down. I told her that she does not look well and that she should eat something. I could see sweat on her and felt her forehead and told her that she has a slight fever and that she must take off her burka. She shook her head. I just went to her and started pulling her burka saying that she will fall ill and she should be silly. She tried to protest a bit and finally the words ‘no….no’ came out of her mouth. I made her stand and kept attempting to remove her burka. She realized that I will not listen to her, so rather than me take it off, she said….sahab, I will do it’. Then she turned her back to me and on unsteady feet took a few minutes and removed her burka while I started opening the paper bags which had dinner.

When she had removed her burka, I was taken aback to see Nasreen. She was even more beautiful than I had imagined………. She was wearing a white colout salwar kameez with some sort of golden work on the neck, arms and edges. The white material was pitifully thin and her white bra could be seen. She had henna designs all over her hands, forearms and feets. The henna was dark and looked like tattoos on her smooth skin. Her breasts were abnormally large in comparison to her thin and lithe body. Her neck was also abnormally long and her face was simply angelic. She had a small mouth with a thick lower lip, a pert straight nose and big dark black eyes. She had worn a dark lipstick and small gold earrings hung from her ears. Her hair was jet black, thick and reached till her waist. Her waist was so thin I reckon it couldn’t have been more than 22 – 23 inches, from where her wide hips flared out to her firm buttocks. Her slim white legs could almost be seen through the thin, see-through salwar material. I could clearly see her white panty. It seemed to me that she had probably dressed for her maiden night (suhaag raat) !!

She had her back to me and was trying to tie her long hair into a bun, clumsily. She could hardly stand and was swaying badly. I went behind her and got a whiff of Indian scent (attar). It was intoxicating. How I wished I could tear her clothes off and just fuck her hard and fast. How I wished I could open her virginal legs apart and lick her pussy and suck out all her pussy juices !! Oh mama !!!

I asked her if she was thirsty and she nodded her head. I again took her by her hand and made her sit down on the chair. Then I poured another orange juice with a about 60 ml vodka and some ice and mint leaves and gave it to her. Meanwhile, she had kept her head down on the table and had almost dozed off. I shook her and asked her if she was ok. She nodded and took the glass from my hand and drank half of it in one gulp. I told her to take it easy and put my hand on her forehead as if to feel her temperature. While doing this I was standing directly in front of her seated form and I knew that her eyes were at almost the same level as my dick. By now, my dick was semi-erect and had reached a length of about 6 inches and about one inch was popping out from below my shorts. I was sure that my dick smell was hitting her nostrils and she was probably getting a good view too. She muttered ‘Sahab…mein theek hun…’ and then drained the rest of her cocktail. Poor girl, little did she know that now she would be really zapped. I asked her if she was hungry and she said no.

Again she put her head down on the kitchen table. So I went and stood behind the chair and told her that she must be tired from the journey and that is why she was feeling ill. I told her not to worry and to relax as I will give her a little massage. She lifted her hand in protest and managed to say ‘sahab…nahin….humko paap lagega’. Nahin sahib, hum theek hai…’

I wasn’t in the mood for listening. I just made her sit up and started slowly pressing her head. She was trying to remove my fingers from her head meekly in protest saying ‘nahin sahib….nahin sahab’. I kept pressing her head mildly and then gradually came to her neck and back of the neck. As I started pressing her neck, her protests stopped and she closed her eyes and her head hung forward and her shoulders went loose and slumped. I knew that she was almost asleep. I started pressing her shoulders. She was so delicate that I thought if used a little more pressure her bones would break. Her skin on my hands was like electric. The skin was soft and texture amazing. I had a raging hard on now. My dick was fully erect and had found its way out of my shorts and was sticking out a good 3 inches. As I kept massaging her neck and shoulders, I pressed against her and allowed my dick to press against her back lightly. Then I slowly and carefully, to gauge her level of intoxication, lightly brushed my fingers across her breast. Her tits were real firm and tight. She didn’t react and her eyes were still closed. The neckline of her kameez design had a small slit on the top. I opened the neckline wide and was able to see her bra-encased milky white breast…so full….so firm and ripe as 2 large pears. I slowly slipped one hand into the front of her salwar and carefully cupped one breast … Oh my…oh my …. Oh my, it felt like heaven. I looked for a reaction…..none. Nasreen was obviously drunk and in a deep stupor. Now I knew I could do anything with her. The approx. 180 ml vodka and the juice had done its works on her virginal and unpolluted system.

Now I was real hot ! My lund was oozing precum. I lifted Nasreen off the chiar and took her to the bedroom and laid her out on the bed. Then I went and closed the front door and drew all the curtains. I came back to the bedroom and aw that Nasreen was lying exactly how I had left her. I made myself another vodka and sipped it looking at Nasreen lying completely helpless out there and completely at my mercy. Her breasts were heaving up and down with her breathing. I went to her and turned her on her side and unzipped her kameez exposing her back till her panty. Her skin was amazingly smooth. I licked her back, it tasted a bit salty, I just loved it. I quickly managed to get her arms out of the kammez and without much effort took it off. My God, she looked so petite, so hot, so yammy, that I could eat her. I opened the knot of her salwar and eased it off her. She must have weighed not more than 45 kgs. Her smooth white slim legs seemed to have been waxed recently. Then I took off her panty and saw the most lovely, most sexy pussy, I’ve ever seen. She was clean shaven, not even a stubble. Her pussy was closed and small and seemed to positioned slightly lower than normal. As soon as I spread her legs a little and her pussy opened a bit, I got a whiff of her pussy smell….Oh so heavenly !! It was light pink on the outside and dark pink inside. I had to control myself from mounting her and roghly shoving my dick in her. My lund was screaming for action. I took of my shorts and freed my lund. It was so hard now that it was hurting. I then took off her bra and out came those fabulous, untouched, firm and hard breasts. While admiring them, I saw that her small light brown nipples were contracting and then started standing up and out. Maybe the cold air acted naturally on them. It site was un-imaginable and I could not resist.

Next Part after the Rep
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Default Re: Driver's Virgin Wife Seduced

kindly post the rest
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Old 06-23-2010, 11:08 AM
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Default Re: Driver's Virgin Wife Seduced

great story
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Old 06-27-2010, 08:14 PM
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Default Re: Driver's Virgin Wife Seduced

nice story
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