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Old 08-30-2009, 12:30 PM
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Default Chennai BUS la sex vilayattu

Hi friends, Chennaila daily busla romba sex games nadakuthu, yarunu theriyama stranger kooda aasaiya adaka mudiyama bayanthu aana thairiyama poi oru ponnu illa aunty mela urasarathu, kai vechi nalla thadavararthu, dick mela ass crackla vechi nalla azhuthurarthunu niraiya nadakuthu ithula unga anubavangala pagirnthukanga pls I tell abt my first sexexp in chennai bus: Once the day was very cloudy and dark with heavy rain in the early morning, the time was around 9'0 clock. I went to the bus stop and caught the bus but the bus was fully jampacked like everybody else i had the interest to go near by to the ladies/ladies seat at the age group of 20 to 30 and i found that there were 2 more girls were caught the bus after me on the back side. Both of them were good but they were not friends one was standing infront of me and the other one was standing in the bus step itself cos there was no place to get inside easily into the bus. so i tried my luck with some guts on my mind to the first girl just to touch her ass with my body as it was jampacked i managed it easily and she didn't care for that, no reaction from her. The second girl watched the thing and she got inside and got up to where next to this girl and managed herself to stand inbetween me and the first girl. Her structure was really very sexy and her ass was like a strong and smooth globe and i could easily found the ass crack with mine, but i am not that much daring to press it and so i put my hardened dick on her ass cheek and gave soem little pressure and one of my hand was holding the umbrella and so i could not touch it with my hands and both of my hands were holding the rod on the top. After 2 to 3 mins she herself adjusted her ass and made her ass crack way direct to my dick and now my harden dick got a place on her ass crack even then i didn't give much pressure i just placed it. Within 5 to 10 secs she gave a hard pressure on my dick by pressing her ass on my dick with heavy pressure. Oh that time i found out that it's intentional and i too got courage so i didn't try to release and i also gave much pressure and after sometime i got some precum with my hard dick and the man standing next to me watched everything he felt very jealous about this also he persuaded to try to come inbetween that girl and me but i told him to go by the back side of me and when he was passing me he too gave much pressure on my backside and i was falling without control on her my dick was on the heaven for some time and after some time i held my hand on her ass cheek and managed to hold the umbrella and bus rod with one hand. I felt her right side ass cheek and moved it towards the leftside and again came back to the ass crack and felt it smoothness and the rush on the bus were started to get off from the bus and she got a seat and after that i found my way and she found her own way. I thanked her a lot without speaking to her. *Actually I am a virgin but to be frank i can not control my mind but even don't want to loss my virginity. Also not interested for girl friends. But need to enjoy the body of them, some part of the body or mind wants it and we could find an easy way to do it like touching in the bus. So I really like to thank all the girls who are helping the guys like me to feel themself by sacrificing their body for our wish. These touchings even prevent us to get some fulfillness and make us to avoid going to any prostitute. Thanks a lot girls who can understand the feelings of the boys.*

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