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Old 02-22-2012, 06:09 PM
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Default Industry Giant 2 Gold Edition-IPT

Industry Giant 2 Gold Edition
 (C) Jowood  
 Publisher: Koch Media
 Developer: JoWood
 Genre.: Business Strategy    
 CD Count.: 02 CD + Nvidia Patch              
 Protection..: Securom + Serial    
 Date..: Jun 30, 2003 (EU) 
 Type:	Games/PC ISO
 Size:	1.20 GB (1,291,909,153 bytes)
Industry Giant II is a business simulation game for Windows. It is the sequel to Industry Giant. Despite a wide range of aspects 
Industry Giant II is not a complete business simulation game, as many management aspects such as finance, sourcing or HR are hardly present. 
The 'free game' option allows the player not to worry about turning a profit. The game is primarily considered to be a supply chain 
simulator, because many aspects of strategic, tactical and operational supply chain management are experienced. Next to this, the structure 
of the game allows the player to understand how supply chains can be modeled. From that point of view, playing Industry Giant II can be 
beneficial in order to understand how enterprise supply chain software is modeling existing supply chains.


* For the first time, the player has the option to interact with his/her opponent; play as a team or play against each other.

 * The player faces a significantly wider range of resources and final products, including resources which depend on weather.

 * Seasonal demand for products require the player to carefully plan storage for finished goods.

 * The exchange of goods can only be managed via storage. The information on how much is available can be retrieved by the player at all 
times. This provides better control over the product cycle.

 * These product cycles can be interrupted, meaning that wheat can be grown and sold without further processes. This makes it easier for 

 * Over 50 means of transportation; from simple coaches to trucks and steam-engines, to locomotives, and of course a wide range of ships.

 * Differing climates bring changes to the game-play and add to the complexity of strategic planning.

 * Detailed buildings and vehicles; with transparent smoke.

1) Unrar.
2) Burn the .cue and .bin with CDRWin or Fireburner.
3) Install the game.
4) Copy over the cracked game .exe file from the CD.
5) Enter any serial from the nfo below when starting the game.



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