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Old 03-09-2009, 05:51 PM
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Default Horny sis

Since my childhood I grew up with my sister Poonam. We used to share the same room and we were very close to each other. She was taking very much care of me, as she was elder to me. She was helping me in my study and was guiding me whenever I may needed for any given matter. As I grown elder and attended puberty, I attracted to her body as she was owing a very sexy body with marvelous big tits, rounded butts, puffy chicks, pink lips, black sexy eyes and fair skin. Many a times I was getting chance to have a look at her cleavage or bare open thighs. I was getting excited every time but I never thought any further for my sister. Some times I was fantasizing about her during masturbation while bathing but at the very next moment I used to try to drain out thought of my sister’s body from my mind. Than she got married to Paresh at her age of 24 after completing her MCA study. She is also working with one MNC as software engineer. I completed my ME (EC) in 2000 and got married to Nila in 2003. Again Nila is MCA and working with one MNC. While I joined my Papa’s engineering firm.

As we are in the same city, we are meeting each other frequently. My wife Nila and sister Poonam are very good friends. They are not like sisters-in-law but just real sisters. My wife Nila is very soft and sober natured at the same time my sister Poonam is bold but loving and very caring natured. Paresh is also good-natured so we are just like friends than relatives. Nila and Poonam used to share everything with each other even about their pre-marital affairs and their present sex life.

From Nilu only I came to know that Poonam had affaires with one of her classmate in MCA study and they enjoyed pre-marital sex also. I got mild shock but later on took it as normal. But little heavy shock I received about one year back when Nilu told me that Poonam and her husband Paresh are engaged into partner swapping activity in their friend circle. Paresh had 3 close friends and all those 4 friends used to enjoy sex with each other’s wives once or twice in a month. This news was really shocking for me as well as my wife Nilu. I could not believe it at first but as Poonam herself told it to Nila. For next few days we remained disturbed but tried to accept it as fact and be normal as this kind of practices are prevailing at so many a places in the modern society. Slowly we accepted it as a fact of life but till that day my sight for my Sister Poonam has changed. I started fantasizing that Poonam is making love with some body else and some times with me also. I never tried to stop my fantasy as I used to in past. Never I felt any guilt for fantasizing for my own sister. On the contrary whenever I used to fuck my wife Nila, I was fantasizing that I am fucking to my sister Poonam. Which was giving me some more excitement and we used to end up with great orgasm. My sex libido increased to a greater extent after this. My wife asked me so many a times for sudden change in my sexual preferences, but I never gave her real reason. Whenever I used to meet to Poonam I was watching her with some lustful eyes. During this period she was pregnant and her beauty was increased because of pregnancy.

She gave a birth to baby boy in Feb, 2005. At that time she came to stay with us for two months. Every time she remained in front of me, my sights were surfing within her cloths only and getting real hard on. During this period I always gave a great orgasm to my wife. After two months she has gone back to her husband. My wife Nila never came to know about my lust for my sister Poonam.

In July my wife had been to Australia for 15 days to complete one of her software project. During this period Poonam came to stay with us for two days in weekend. I remained busy in playing with my little nephew Tanish as well as eye surfing on Poonam. Tanish was just 5 months old and very cute and lovely. On Sunday afternoon our parents were taking rest in their bedroom. Tanish was sleeping in a cradle placed in my bedroom while Poonam and I were watching a TV. Than all of sudden Tanish has started crying. Hearing his voice I ran to my bedroom, took him from the cradle and tried to clam him, but he continued to cry. So Poonam, who reached there behind me, asked me to handover Tanish to her. I gently placed Tanish in to her arms. She took a seat on my bed lifted her blouse and started feeding to Tanish. I could not decide whether I should move from there or not. My eyes fixed on heavy buxom boobs of Poonam, which were silky white, and full of milk. Her nipples were thick brown and big areolas around it. Tanish was sucking one nipple but at the same time another nipple was also oozing some milk drops. Than Poonam looked at me, smiled and said “ There is excessive milk and Tanish is not able to suck all of it.” I got to sense and said “Ohh, is it?”

“Yes, everyday I have to explore out excessive milk to get relief from pressure of milk” She said.
Looking at her fully ripped boobs I said “ But how do you do it” as she was not feeling any abnormal in discussing this matter with me. In reply she said, “ Either I have to pump my nipples with fingers or if Paresh is there, I tell him to suck them out” she smiled again.
“ Ohhh… what a lucky person he is” I said. Both of us laughed than I moved from there. After few minutes she also came into Drawing room with Tanish. Poonam and I started playing with Tanish. Than our parents joined us and we had good time till dinner.

After dinner my parents went to their bedroom at around 10. After few minutes Poonam gone to my bedroom with Tanish as she was using my bedroom next to our parents bedroom and I was using guest room on first floor. As I was stepping on staircase, Poonam called me in to her bedroom (Originally my bedroom). So I entered into her room and asked, “What is the matter”
She told, “Would you not try to your luck?”
“What??” I astonished.

In response she told “ Hey come on, I have lot off excess milk in my breast and will not be able to sleep comfortably till I will get it out. So please help me.” While saying this she already lifted her blouse up and smiled at me. Ohh my God, I was lusting for my sister since long and now she herself was offering me to suck her boobs. I made up my mind and firmly gone ahead. She took seat on bed and took my head on her lap. Wow, what a great boobs and nipples. I started sucking one. My entire mouth was filled up with heavy force of her sweet warm milk. After my childhood I never had experience of sucking a milking boobs of any lady. I was feeling excited.

My hand automatically gone to the another boob of Poonam. My fingers explored beauty of her boobs. I stroked to her one nipple with my tongue while another with my fingers. I raised my eyes to look at face of Poonam. She had closed her eyes and had mixed feelings of relief as well as pleasure on her face. She was moving her fingers in my hairs. After some times she patted on my head and asked to change the boob. I shifted to her another boob and placed my hand around her waist. Flow of fresh milk from her another boob made me wild and I started massaging her another boob heavily with my hand. She murmured into my ears “ Hey Sharad, I think that you are feeling horny and missing your wife Nila.” Than I stood up hold her tightly against me and replied “Yes, it is true that I am horny like hell but not missing my wife Nila when you are with me Poonam” “What…?” she stunned with my answer.

“ Yes, Poonam, my didi, my darling, I am horny for you, I need you, I need you …” I said and planted my lips on her wet thick pink lips. Before she can speak anything I inserted my tongue into her mouth and explores sexy saliva from her mouth. Her giant milky boobs were pressed against my chest and I was kissing her passionately. Soon she started responding to me. She wrapped her both hands around me and she was now massaging my back. Keeping my tongue deep inside her mouth I pushed her body on bed. She was now on her back and I wrapped my one leg around her thighs. I squeezed her boobs heavily and pulled out my tongue from her mouth. She took breath of relief and told me “ Sharad, are you mad? Door is open and at any time our parents can come inside”

I rushed to shut the door from inside and return with a jet speed, I didn’t wanted to loose a single moments. I quickly removed my garments and attacked on garments of Poonam. Poonam asked me “Sharad, are you sure that you want to go ahead with me, with your real sister?”

“Yes didi” I replied and added “ Since, I have heard about your pre-marital and extra marital sex affaires, I am feeling hot for you, I have always lusted for you, I wanted to get you atleast once. Didi, please let me fulfill my fantasy” She looked with a loving sight at me, placed her carring hand on my shoulder and told “Ok, Sharad, Go ahead, fulfill your fantasy.” She planted a warm kiss on my forehead and than placed her hot wet lips on mine. This time she darted her tongue into my mouth and one more passionet kiss. We were caressing bodies of each others and wrestling on the bed. I was playing with her massive boobs and she was playing with my hard cock. Finally She lye down on bed widening her legs. I watched at her clean shaved puffy pussy. Fantastic, just fantastic…. I could not hold my temptation to lick her pussy. I licked her pussy for almost 15 minutes till she started moaning heavily and throwing her legs and hand here and there in excitement. At last I inserted my rock hard dick into sweet and sexy pussy of my dear sister Poonam. Ohhh…it was very hot and wet. It was constantly oozing pussy juice. I rammed my entire cock inside and fucked her hard. Entire room was filled up with our ahh and uhh sounds. We didn’t cared for our parents in next room, didn’t cared for a kid who was sleeping in the same room till we both reached to very wild orgasm. Ahhh…it was great, I never felt such orgasm with my wife Nila.

Than we parted and rested on bed holding each other in arms. Poonam asked me “ How did you found your sister” I replied pinching her nipple “Great didi, you are great, sexy like a bitch” She smiled and told me “ Now, you can come at any time to have your share of this sexy bitch. Don’t envy Paresh” We laughed and stood up from the bed to clean our bodies. After half an hour I moved to upstaire room. In the morning Poonam left our house with a great smile on her face. I could see an open invitation in her smile. In last five months I honoured her open invitation 8-10 times. Neigther my wife Nilu nor paresh knows anything. Still we are meeting and going out together just like a friends. Poonam is still sharing everything with Nilu except our incestuous relations.
Be Happy
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